JUST LAUNCHED: Advantech Thin-Client Panels

Advantech Thin-client Panels for Distributed HMI Solutions

Advantech presents its new series of Thin-client Touch Panel Computers (TPC) series specifically designed for industrial specific applications for machinery, factory automation, transportation, and outdoor information kiosks or terminals.

Aesthetically and ruggedly designed with the latest technology, this high-resolution, thin compact system makes for powerful control terminals with their wide-screen touch displays ranging from 6.7 to 17 inch formats. All models in the series comes embedded with Intel’s latest Atom Processors.

The Advantech TCP with its fanless, solid state disk storage design brings HMI operation to an increased level of usability. Compared to traditional HMI terminals, users who choose Advantech’s TPC solutions testify of better functionality and Ethernet connectivity.

Advantech Touch Panel Features

  • On-site HMI Control – Panel mount, smaller size and ready for open software means that this compact and robust HMI provides the best visualization management for distributed control.
  • Remote monitoring & management with wider screen and multi-touch functionality in client/server applications.
  • Boot-on-touch/ True-flat Screen
  • Screen sizes from 5.7” to 17”
  • Intel® latest Atom Processors

TPC Series Main Benefits

  • Windows CE or Linux based operator interface platforms
  • Multiple display sizes: 5.7″, 6.4″, 10″, 12″, and 15″
  • Fanless and no spindle design for harsh environments
  • Long-life touch screens
  • Heat, dust, and water proof functionality
  • Ultra slim and light
  • Front panels meet NEMA4/IP65 standards
  • High reliability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Built-in high speed Ethernet communications
  • Supports thin client software options (Citrix ICA, Java JVM, Microsoft RDP)

Touch Panel Computer with Thin Client Solution

Advantech also takes the lead to bring the Thin Client concept into industrial utilization. The complimentary combination of the TPC series with Thin Client software allows users to configure distributed hardware from any safe central location. With Advantech’s TPC Thin Client solution, this perfect amalgamation of hardware and software will benefit our clients from reduced cost expenditure and enhanced efficiency from diverse, distributed industrial applications.

Advantech’s TPC Thin Client solution also benefits our customers from a shared multi-user architecture, offering security for critical data and easy field maintenance resulting in lower total project costs. The TPC Thin Client series software supports Citrix ICA, Java JVM and Microsoft RDP, which lets the system integrator easily harmonize hardware with industrial applications for various industrial applications.

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