Stay Current with Changing Network Demands

Technologies change quickly and so do industrial network infrastructure needs. A product you implemented in the past may have suited the requirements at that time, but today’s needs may be different. Hirschmann provides free software upgrades, ensuring that any installed device is as state-of-the-art today as when it was first installed.

  • New! Graphical user interface based on HTML5 so it’s compatible with latest web browsers
  • Available for download from HiOS Switch Software website

The HiOS software from Hirschmann increases the power and performance of its Industrial Ethernet switches. HiOS software supports various security mechanisms, comprehensive management and diagnostic methods, precise time synchronization and redundancy protocols.

  • Redundancy – an extensive number of standardized and proprietary redundancy mechanisms to meet any requirement
  • Security – comprehensive security functionality to help you secure your networks
  • Ease of Use – an intuitive graphical interface, comprehensive command line interface, and full SNMP support meet every management challenge.
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