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Hirschmann’s HiVision Overview

Hirschmann’s Industrial HiVision offers enhanced security functionalities for the configuration and supervision of industrial Ethernet networks.

Industrial HiVision allows all managed switches from any SNMP-enabled device to be monitored, including those from Hirschmann and GarrettCom. In addition, the MultiConfig function enables multiple network nodes to be configured quickly and consistently.

This upgrade reduces risk in industrial applications with all-around infrastructure protection of both new and existing networks, ultimately maximizing network uptime.

All network infrastructure and terminal equipment that supports SNMP can be integrated, including any device-specific properties, with enhanced security and reduced risk
Using MultiConfig, the same parameters can be configured simultaneously for multiple devices, both when commissioning the system and during subsequent live operation
The network topology is automatically recognized and accurately visualized, including unmanaged switches and hubs, and the new security lockdown feature allows for simplified and efficient network security deployment

Profitek supplies the following Hirschmann Products and Services


Hirschmann HiView

The new HiView gives you direct access to the graphical user interface of managed Hirschmann™ switches – a feature that is unique in automation. This tool, which supports a variety of Windows and Linux operating systems, also serves as a client for our network management software, Industrial HiVision.

Device Management Technology based on the FDT/DTM standard

Hirschmann Annual Maintenance Plan

The Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) offers you cost-effective updates for Industrial HiVision, the network management software from Hirschmann. For a single payment, the latest version will be available automatically for a period of twelve months – for less than half the cost of a single update.

Annual Maintenance Plan from Hirschmann

Hirschmann Device Management Technology

Intelligent, efficient FDT/DTM-compliant device management for the Hirschmann™ portfolio including switches, routers, firewalls and access points.