Rugged Rail Switches – Industrial Ethernet

//Rugged Rail Switches – Industrial Ethernet
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The Hirschmann RSR family of switches have been designed for maximum reliability in mission-critical applications. The manageable switches of the RSR family are offered in Fast (RSR 20) and a Gigabit Ethernet version (RSR 30). These switches are designed for extremely higgh demainds with regard to shock and vibration resistance as well as elctromagnetic compatibility. The DIN Rail switches can withstand shock, vibration and temperature fluctuations between -40o C and +85C.

The RSR are built for application in the marine, rail, road and other transportation automation applications. This includes fiberoptic rail networks, train station passenger information systems, conveyors and airport runway lights.

Other examples include traffic surveillance on superhighways, bridges or in tunnels, toll collection systems as well as video on demand and air conditioning systems onboard ocean-going liners. Industrial ETHERNET is rapidly becoming the standard solution in military applications, and the new Hirschmann rail switches are an excellent choice for systems onboard navy ships and aircraft carriers.

All of this is available as a robust complete solution, for example in combination with the MACH 1000.

Ideal enhancement to the MACH1000

Hirschmann RSR Switches

The rugged RSR switches are a robust complete solution especially in combination with the MACH 1000.