Hirschmann Ruggedized Control Cabinet Switches

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Extremely harsh conditions requires robust networking solutions. Hirschmann has developed the highly  specialized MACH1000 and GREYHOUND ruggedized switches which are robust and flexible product families. These switches have been designed specifically for use in extreme conditions like:

  • High temperature,
  • Shock,
  • Vibration or,
  • EMC.

The Hirschmann MACH1000 and GREYHOUND switches have the approval for the following applications:

  • Power transmission and distribution (Substation IEC 61850)
  • Ships and trains
  • Areas exposed to explosion hazards
  • Industrial automation

Profitek supplies the following Ruggedized Control Cabinet Switches


Hirschmann GREYHOUND Ruggedized Control Cabinet Switches

The GREYHOUND is a cost effective, entry level, fast/Gagabit Ehternet switch that is designed to be used in harsh industrial environments. The switches come with up to 28 ports 20 of which are in the basic unit with an additional media module slot that can add or change 8 additional ports in the field.


Hirschmann MACH1000 switch

The MACH1000 family consists of Fast/Gigabit Ehternet switches with up to 28 configurable ports with layer 2 software. The full Gigabit version with non-blocking architecture features 16 Gigabit Combo ports and layer 3 software with static and dynamic routing.

Download MACH1000 Brochure