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Hircshmann’s unmanged Ethernet switches are a cost effective way of entering the world of Industrial Ethernet technology whilst still enjoying the quality and reliability that is expected from the Hircshmann brand. All of Hircshmann’s switches have been specifically designed for use in harsh environments, and come with the necessary certifications for operations in these environments.

The unmanaged switches are suitable for any application where switch management is unnecessary.

As leading distributor of Hirschmann products in South Africa, Profitek is able to provide the perfect Industrial Ethernet solution for every customer and every area of application. Hirschmann’s portfolio of Unmanaged Switches includes switches with:

  • Redundant power supply and signal contact
  • Robust IP67/IP54 housing for use in demanding environments
  • PoE ports, capable of supplying power to devices via the Ethernet cable

The unmaged switches can be used in the following areas:

  • Vehicles
  • Potentially explosive environments
  • Substations

Hirschmann’s Line of Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches

SPIDER Switches

Hirschmann SPIDER Ethernet Switches Range Industrial Ethernet Switches

Profitek supplies these extremely economical, easy to operate and robustly designed ports to clients in rugged industrial environments such as mining, power plants, processing plants, pulp and paper.

SPIDER PoE Switches

Hirschmann SPIDER PoE Ethernet Switches Range

With the Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) functionality this switch allows simple and economical network expansion. Profitek implements these easy to operate and rugged switches in various industries and environments.

SPIDER PoE Injector

Hirschmann SPIDER PoE Injector

The Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector provides power to networked terminal devices without having to replace existing Ethernet switches or purchasing a stand-alone power supply. Profitek prides itself in implementing practical and cost effective solutions.

RS2 Switches

RS2 Switches

The Industrial Ethernet Rail switches in the RS2 family offer a wide range of certifications in addition to features such as a redundant power supply or signal contact. Profitek provides these switches as part of an industrial networking solution for various industries.

Unmanaged OpenRail Switches

Hirschmann Unmanaged OpenRail Switches

The switches in the Hirschmann Unmanged OpenRail family are individually configurable. Profitek uses these switches in tailor-made solutions for almost any area of application.

OCTOPUS Fast Ethernet Switches

Hirschmann Unmanaged OCTOPUS Fast Ethernet Switches

The unmanaged IP67/IP54 switches in the OCTOPUS family can be used to set up cost-effective connections to Ethernet terminal devices even under the harshest environmental conditions.

OCTOPUS PoE Fast Ethernet Switches

Hirschmann SPIDER PoE Ethernet Switches Range

The unmanaged IP67/IP54 PoE switches in the OCTOPUS family bring PoE technology to networks operating in even the most challenging environments.

Rail Hubs

Hirschmann Rail Hubs

Hubs of the Rail Family connect you to the Ethernet future of automation.

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