Waterproof IP65/ IP67 OCTOPUS Switches

//Waterproof IP65/ IP67 OCTOPUS Switches
Waterproof IP65/ IP67 OCTOPUS Switches 2017-10-05T11:14:38+00:00

Profitek is a supplier of the Hirschmann Waterproof IP65/ IP67 OCTOPUS Switches that are ideal for a variety of industrial network applications, but has been specifically designed and manufactured for extreme environmental conditions.

The Hirschmann OCTOPUS Product family contains 30 different designs that offers an ideal solution for a variety of application scenarios. The switches are waterproof, vibration-resistant and meet the highest fire protection requirements.

These Switches are known for the following benefits:

  • Optimum fail-safety – This is attributed to the switch because of its robust hardware, comprehensive redundancy methods and security functions.
  • Increased productivity – The OCTOPUS family provides efficient network structures for optimum data communication.
  • Compact – These switches are designed to be compact in order to provide sufficient space for other equipment and applications.

The Hirschmann OCTOPUS family meets the following industry specific requirements:

  • EN 50155 for operating conditions in railway vehicles
  • EN 50121-3-2 EMV in trains
  • EN 50121-4 for use on railway lines
  • EN 45 545, DIN 5510-2 and NF F 16 101/102 for fire protection in trains
  • E1 for use in road vehicles
  • GL for ships

Profitek supplies the following Hirschmann Products

OCTOPUS: Waterproofed IP65/ IP67 Switches – Managed and Unmanaged

OCTOPUS: Waterproofed IP65/ IP67 Switches - Managed and Unmanaged

With four Gigabit ports to enable high-speed connections, new routing functionalities and the latest bypass relay feature specified in IEC 61375, the OCTOPUS OS30/34 broadens the functional range of the switch series.

Download OCTOPUS Brochure

System Accessories

Hirschmann Configurable Unmanaged Switches

Power supplies, cables, and connectors with standardized M12 technology (D-coding) to connect waterproof IP65/IP67 Switches.