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Racom Radio modems

RipEX – Radio modem & Router

RixEX - Radio modem & Router

RipEX is a best-in-class radio modem renowned for overall data throughput. This Software Defined Radio with Linux OS is a native IP device which has been designed with attention to detail, performance and quality. All relevant state-of-the-art concepts have been carefully implemented.

RipEX provides 24/7 reliable service for mission-critical applications like SCADA & Telemetry for Utilities, SmartGrid power networks or any packet network.

Download RipEx Product Datasheet

MR400 – Radio modem

MR400 - Radio modem

MR400 is a well proven radio modem, on the market for over a decade and undisputably well established. Tens of thousands of units serve reliably around the world, from the poles to the equator.

MR400 uses a sophisticated anti-collision protocol on the Radio channel. Its unbeatable network performance is boosted by the unique implementation of proprietary SCADA protocols from all significant vendors on the SCADA market.

Download MR400 Product Datasheet

RE400 – Radio Modem

RE400 - Radio Modem

RE400 works as a standard IP network bridge, i.e. it is fully transparent. Every unit can serve as the central master or as a remote terminal and it can also simultaneously operate as a repeater.

The modern digital solution of the radio part (Software Defined Radio) of the RE400 radio modem allows for a wide frequency range a SW configurable channel spacing.

Download RE400 Product Datasheet


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