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Network_DesignConsulting is a matter of trust. The success of a network design is a reflection of the competence of the designers. We know how to relate our products to your business.

Whether it is network design or network optimization – the result is the same. We make sure our solution matches your ideas and your processes. Through the provision of customised services, we are with you from the initial consultation to the final system.

At every point in the process you receive exactly the amount of support you require. It makes sense to include Profitek in your plans right from the beginning. Good advice is only expensive when it comes too late.

The Key Issues

Functionality, availability and future-proofing are the yardsticks of every network. The design of the network structure is just as crucial here as the performance of the components selected – and their compatibility with the end devices used. Comprehensive know-how is necessary to ensure an individual, optimised, homogeneous solution.

Consultation that is really tailored to the needs of the user requires more than just an overview of technological and manufacturer limitations. Anyone who wants to define the way forward for the future must also have sound knowledge of the specific sector.

Network_ConsultingComplete concepts for new and existing networks

The correct configuration of a network or the optimisation of an existing network is more than a question of technology. We will therefore prepare you individual concepts for employee training and system maintenance, in addition to the actual network design.

In this way at an early stage you will receive a complete picture of all the necessary actions – and therefore also the real costs.


Although deploying wireless Ethernet in an industrial environment has some advantages over a traditional cabled network, there are additional factors which must be considered to ensure a successful implementation.

A wireless Ethernet network requires all the planning of a traditional network, plus a lot more. The first step to successful wireless deployment is a wireless site survey.

The Key Issues

A corporate network must be reliable, predictable, and secure under all circumstances. The purpose of a site survey is to reduce the unpredictability associated with wireless networking. What is the optimum number of access points?

Where should the access points be placed? Where are the potential sources of interference? What data throughput and reliability can be achieved? These questions are only a fraction of the parameters which must be considered. But most important of all, how secure is the network?

Leaking signals and incorrectly implemented security mechanisms can spell disaster for your network and your business.

Project_ManagementYou can also count on specialist support from Profitek during the realisation of your network. Whether specific contributions to project design and co-ordination, with tests and technical documentation – or with the assumption of overall responsibility.

Profitek will be there to help you. So that you can concentrate on your day-to-day business.

The Key Issues

On the way to the optimal network solution, completion of the network plan is half the battle. However, just as important is the second half: professional project management that ensures the end result adheres exactly to the original design.

The implementation not only needs to be efficient and fast, but most importantly must not unnecessarily interfere with other business processes. The downtimes must be kept to a minimum during the modification or expansion of existing networks. Here careful planning is required.

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