ADDERView DDX Matrix

New features available now!

The latest firmware release provides five free additional features to the DDX Matrix solution:

  • Touch screen compatibility for use with a wide range of devices
  • Console reconnects to the same source after a power cycle to minimise downtime
  • DHCP implementation at startup for fast and easy setup
  • User configurable hotkeys for customizing workstations
  • Definable user permissions on a per computer basis for flexible configuration

Developed from customer feedback, the new release makes the DDX a solution well suited to a broad variety of applications, from Broadcast to Control Rooms.

Find out more about the DDX with the new DDX brochure.

Stay tuned for more information, resources and videos on these new features.

About the DDX

The ADDERView® DDX® is a high-performance Direct Connect KVM Matrix that provides powerful functionality inside small, compact form factors.

Featuring Adder’s trusted lossless KVM extension technology with flexi-port switching capability, the DDX10 and DDX30 switches enable multiple users to access many computers located safely and securely inside your server room.

Combined with the DDX USR and DDX CAM, the DDX switches become part of a powerful digital KVM matrix solution.

Video #1: OSD and touchscreen support

The power of high-performance KVM is at your fingertips with the new touchscreen support!

  • intuitive: touch the menu icon for the On-Screen Display (OSD) and select the computer you want to access
  • practical: semi-transparent icon allows desktop content to remain visible
  • flexible: drag the icon to a desktop location to best suit your working style
  • diverse: connect the touchscreen devices that you need, such as Wacom, Eizo, Dell or Iyama
Download the new brochure